Our Engineering Accomplishments

Nissin Brake is one of the few producers with a dedicated Research & Development facility to design new products internally through technologies such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).  The products we have placed our pride into are handbrakes for passenger cars.

We are also capable of producing our own molds and bolster grip to use in our factories.  Furthermore, our R&D team can also plan out the assembly line and choose the most up to date machines through unmatched selection process in order to bring about the best quality in our product outputs.

Aside from CAD, CAM, and CAE technology, we also develop and design new products in house.  All the format can be innovated to be more precise through the usage of Robot Line technology to reduce unnecessary steps as well as equip our personnel with state of the art knowledge.

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